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My first tentative post: About Me

August 17, 2009
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Ok, so I’ve been reading about how blogs are going to soon replace resumes in this web-obsessed world of ours. That, may be a stretch. Maybe in some industries. My industry – I don’t know, I haven’t quite narrowed it down to one short, neat description. I write. I am a good writer. I write professional communications. Marketing communications. Business communications. Content. Marketing copy. I do copywriting. I put together marketing campaigns. All right, it’s hard to say what I do exactly, but I’m darned good at it!

What I want: I want to find a job that keeps my creativity sparked, my passions engaged, my mind stimulated, my hopes for bigger and better things alive. I created this blog 55 minutes ago without a clue about what I was going to write about. But Adam Darowski (woops!…haven’t learned to link properly yet!) helped me see what it is I want out of this thing. I want to market myself silly, that’s what I want!  Here I go!


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